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Gdalwarp -crop_to_cutline results in shifted raster — at Initial Version

Reported by: mjigmond Owned by: warmerdam
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Component: default Version: 1.8.0
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When running gdalwarp using -cutline and -crop_to_cutline options, the resulting raster is slightly shifted. Both cutline shapefile and raster are using the same projection. On the sample raster dataset (pixel=28.5m) the shift is about 5m to the east and 3.5m to the north. Pixel values remain the same (so resampling doesn't take place, as expected).

I should add that not adding -crop_to_cutline results in no shift. Commands I ran: (1) gdalwarp -cutline mask.shp -crop_to_cutline sample.tif cropped.tif result is shifted

(2) gdalwarp -cutline mask.shp sample.tif out.tif result is not shifted

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