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gdal_translate with GRASS raster datasets as input worked, but gave warning:

 Warning 1: GRASS warning: GISBASE enviroment variable was not set, using:

that's absolutely OK, it's just a warning that GDAL will use the version of GRASS which was used when building GDAL. If you want to use different version of GRASS, you can define it by GISBASE variable. Anyway this warning is probably misleading. The driver should probably check if GRASS_GISBASE exists on local machine and if not found than fail with error message: "Default GISBASE (%s) not found, you need to define GISBASE environmental variable which points to your GRASS installation". What do you think?


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    initial v21  
    1 I have patched GDAL to compile against GRASS 7 (attached). However, the removal of the no longer existing libraries should be conditionalized to still permit the compilation against GRASS 6. I just dunno how to implement that (no autoconf guru).
     1That sounds reasonable.
     3I just tested GDAL 1.11 RC1.
     4It now compiles fine with GRASS 7 support and reads both GRASS 6 and 7 raster and vector (for vector I only tested GRASS 7 vectors).
     6Yet, I have two GRASS installations (GRASS 6.4.4 and GRASS 7) and had to remove /usr/local/grass-6.4.4svn/lib from /etc/ in order to make GDAL work with GRASS data (before I got "ERROR: Incompatible library version for module. You need to rebuild GRASS or untangle multiple installations").
     8Anyway, many thanks for making that functioning!