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It would be really nice if this error gets fixed. It has been open for a long time.

hey you edited the wrong box! :)

(easy to do, I filed a bug upstream at trac HQ about a year ago to make it fold away into a little [-] expanding [+] box. maybe just open that for the submitter or sysops to have access to change?)

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    1 It would be really nice if this error gets fixed. It has been open for a long time.
     3I'd previously sent this to ticket #2550 but as it seems to be mostly
     4unrelated to the problem described there I think it deserves its own one.
     6I am seeing a shift in GRIB data.
     8AFAICT it is simply shifted half a cell to the SE from where it should
     9be. I assumed this was due to the usual grid vs. cell-center convention
     10mistake, but that's just a round up the usual suspects guess.
     12attaching screenshot.
     14a list of commands to recreate my image is here:
     18GRIB data in the screenshot downloaded from
     19I can't guarantee the integrity of globalmarinenet's data (I have no idea
     20about it other than the link); so it would be good to verify that this is
     21happening with other datasets (ie something directly from the WMO) and in
     22the spec. In the PDF which speaks of triangulation method it talks about
     23data being at the vertices, fwtw.
     29ps- Is there an internal tag in the format for no-data? In the above data
     30it is represented by "9999", which is easy to set with gdal_translate
     31-a_nodata, but in other GRIB data I have it is what I guess is the max
     32for Float64, which is a number 4-6 lines long; too much to type by hand.