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Using Direct Connect with FDO Provider for ArcSDE

FDO Provider for ArcSDE will allow to use direct connect mode on Windows if you have version 3.3.2 and above.

Important: Some clients might not enable the connection using direct connect mode because of the order of connection parameters input. This will require client to be changed to support it.


Note: Although it is currently not necessary to establish a connection in direct mode, sde.dll is still required to be present in order for the provider to work. Other dlls required for normal connection are not necessary.

One of the following dlls must in the path. The dll that is needed depends on the following:

  • which type of database is used as the ArcSDE backend (Oracle or SQL Server)
  • which version of Oracle client is used (9i, 10g, 11g)
  • which version of ArcSDE server is used (9.2 or 9.3)

Using ArcSDE 9.2 client

RDBMSClient VersionRequired ArcSDE Dll
SQL Servern/agsrvrsql92.dll

Using ArcSDE 9.3 client

RDBMSClient VersionRequired ArcSDE Dll
SQL Servern/agsrvrsql93.dll

Connection Parameters

The connection parameters depend on the type of RDBMS used. Since the connection is not established in pending mode, the datastore parameter is required to be set in order to establish the connection.

InstanceDepending on the type and version of the RDBMS client sde:oracle9i, sde:oracle10g, sde:oracle11g, sde:sqlserver :<server>
password<password> For oracle, add the service name <password>@<oracle service>