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Sep 2, 2012, 11:50:12 PM (10 years ago)

Added addendum section for changes to be made to the CS_category.c module


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     91== Addendum ==
     93With this RFC being implemented for all types of definitions currently known by CS-MAP (CS, datum, ellipsoid, ..., category), the implementation in CS_category.c will have to be completed.
     94Along with the integration of the new functionality proposed by this RFC, the following work will have to be undertaken in the CS_category module:
     96 * Shield in-memory list from external modifications. That is, make sure, no API client can directly modify the pointers / structures used with CS-MAP's CS_category.c module. '''Note''': This requires updating existing API clients, because pointers returned by CS-MAP will now have to be free'd by the caller.
     97 * Implement missing API for category management.
     98In particular...
     99 * ...provide API directly in CSMAP to Add, Modify and Remove categories.
     100 * ...implement API to Add, Modify, Remove CS names from categories
     102Additionally, adapt the implementation in the CS_category.c so it allows for storing category modifications in a file which is separated from the "system" category information file.
     103As before, if no external directly has been set via CS_usrdir(), categories can be modified in any way. That is, there's no distinction being made with what's considered a system definition and a user-defined category.[[BR]][[BR]]
     106If, however, a directory has been explicitly defined through CS_usrdir(), (system) categories cannot be edited in the main file that has been read from the directory specified through CS_altdr(). Instead, the information from the main file and the user's additional file will be merged. In detail, the following operations are forbidden or permitted, respectively:
     107 * system categories cannot be removed
     108 * CS names cannot be removed from system categories but new CS names can be added - even to system categories. That information, however, will be written into the separated file
     109 * new categories can be added and freely edited in terms of renaming the categories and also adding, modifying and removing (valid) CS names
     110 * newly added categories can be removed
     112For example, new CS names can be added to the "Lat Long" category. But pre-defined names like LL84 or LL83 cannot be removed from there.
    92114== Test Plan ==