Design Goals

  • Rely on PROJ.4 for the definition of all projection and datum conversion algorithms
  • Maintain compatibility with PROJ.4 for
    • the coordinate system specification language
    • resources such as the database of coordinate systems, datum conversion grids, etc
  • Software design follows well-established Java patterns and best practices
  • Software architecture is as simple as possible and easily maintainable
  • 100% pure Java (no native code)
  • Target platform is Java 1.5 (with a high degree of 1.4 compatibility)
  • Minimal dependency on external libraries
  • Execution is efficient for performing bulk coordinate transformations
  • Support datum transformations
  • Support as many PROJ.4 parameters as possible
  • Error handling is via well-documented Java exceptions
  • High quality, informative Javadoc
  • Provide a set of unit tests to validate the API functions
  • Support the emerging MetaCRS Common Test Format database
  • Provide additional tools such as:
    • A GUI to create, inspect and execute Coordinate System definitions
    • A GUI to visualize projections on the globe

Currently Out of Scope

The following features are not currently in scope. They could be added if development resources and interest are available.

  • Support for mappings to other Coordinate System representations and authorities (e.g. such as OGC WKT, the various spatial database formats, etc)
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