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add proj -l* information to API

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The current API from the PROJ4 library does not allow introspection into the allowed or available projections, datums, units,... This information used to be available via internal routines declared in projects.h.

However, projects.h has now been made completely internal however, the public API provides no method to get this information.

I would request additions to the API basically implementing programmatic access to the information in the various proj -l calls. Perhaps routines like: pj_get_ellps_str(), pj_get_datums_str(), pj_get_units_str(), pj_get_list_str(), and pj_get_prime_meridians_str(). These would return strings that could be viewed, parsed, whatever by programs using the proj4 library without the hack of calling 'proj -l > file' and parsing the output (with possible issues of version skew and lack of portability).

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