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Please add API call to get access to available datum names

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I have a program that uses pj_get_datums_ref to obtain a list of all supported datums in proj.4, which my program then uses to create a GUI pull-down menu of datums. This program was written by patterning its access of the datum list off of the loop done in cs2cs when "-ld" is specified.

Since the deprecation/removal of projects.h from the install of proj.4, this function (and the internal PJ_DATUMS structure) is no longer accessible.

I would like to see an API call that allows me to get at the same information, without reliance on private data. My program only uses the datum name out of the PJ_DATUMS structure and uses the PJ_DATUMS structure only for the looping, so I don't *really* need access to the internals, but this wass the only way to get at the full list of supported datum names. Once I have them, these names are used in construction of a pj_init string as needed when the user chooses from the pull-down list, so for my own purposes an API call that returned a list of supported datum names without unnecessarily exposing private data would be ideal.

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