Google Summer of Code 2019

Query overlay and styling for the pgAdmin4 geometry viewer

Expected outcome: new features for overlaying queries and basic styling in the pgAdmin4 geometry viewer

Skills required: Python, JavaScript? and JavaScript? APIs such as, require.js, bootstrap and Leaflet

Mentors: Frikan Erwee and Victoria Rautenbach

Difficulty: Medium

Test for student:

Review all the strings in the pgAdmin4 geometry viewer JS code in the repo, and ensure they are properly wrapped in gettext calls. Some info strings are not localized at all, and a couple are built using constructs like str = gettext("There were ") + num + gettext(" geometries rendered") which won't work with some languages.

Submit a pull request for the following bug in the pgAdmin geometry viewer,

Additional detail:

During the 2018 GSoC, Xuri Gong developed a geometry viewer for pgAdmin4. The new geometry viewer was released as part of pgAdmin from pgAdmin4 v3.3 (read more here). The viewer allows the user to view geometires directly in pgAdmin, which was not possible previously . The report from 2018 GSoC is available here. We have asked the community for ideas and suggestion to improve the geometry viewer. The mailing thread is available here. The main ideas for improvements or new functionalities are as follows:

For this project, we are focusing on the query overlay and styling aspects (e.g.. selecting specific colours, and highlight features when clicked on them) specifically, but the students are welcome to add some of the additional features mentioned.

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