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#318 900913->4326 Transform mcayland defect medium postgis trunk
#139 Default selectivity returned when geometry used for restricted join comes from another table, but accurate when from WKT mcayland enhancement medium postgis
#893 Error loading (shp2pgsql or bad geometry) pramsey defect medium postgis 1.4
#3267 Migrate travis builds to container robe defect low buildbots 1.4.X
#31 Negative distance buffer defect medium postgis 1.4.X
#518 Postgres backend terminated by exception 0xC0000005 pramsey defect critical postgis 1.4.X
#1676 Problem in converting from RT90(SRID=3021) to WGS84(SRID=4326) pramsey defect high postgis 1.5.X
#1028 ST_AsSVG kills whole postgres server when fails colivier defect medium postgis 1.5.X
#537 st_geometrytype on linestring return ST_Line rather than ST_LineString in 1.4 branch colivier defect medium postgis 1.4.X
#639 ST_Line_Interpolate_Point doesn't interpolate M-values pramsey defect medium postgis 1.4
#557 ST_Within fails at walls (upright polygons) pramsey defect medium postgis 1.4.X
#771 Unable to query if geometry column has mixed srid pramsey defect medium postgis 1.3.X
#492 WKT and WKB parsers behaving differently about input validation pramsey defect medium postgis 1.4.X
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