OpenLayers 2 is outdated. Go to the latest 3.x version:

Pink tiles

If you have 'pink tiles':

  • Right click on the image, and get the image URL (via 'properties' in IE, or 'copy image URL' in other browsers)
  • Paste the image URL into a browser.
  • Include:
    • The error message/type of error you are getting in your email to the mailing list.
    • The URL, with the domain name changed if you are worried about privacy.

Without this information, it is impossible to guess why there are 'pink tiles' in your application. With this information, it is generally relatively easy.

Problems with images being incorrect

Because OpenLayers builds on a full stack of other software, it is sometimes hard to know where the problem lies. A process for solving this is:

  1. View the image
  2. Adjust the URL or your serverside configuration until the image looks the way you would like it to
  3. Attempt to make OpenLayers load images that look like the one you created.

If you can not do #1 and #2 above, then your problem is with your server side configuration, and can not be fixed by OpenLayers. If you can do #1 and #2, but not #3, you can send:

  • The URL that OpenLayers is currently generating
  • The URL that you would like OpenLayers to generate

to the mailing list, and it is much more likely that someone will be able to help you.

Causing a URL to return content you want is the responsibility of other software. Causing OpenLayers to load that URL is the responsibility of OpenLayers.

Problems with dragging the map when mouse is over a feature

If you can't drag the map when the mouse is over a feature (marker or vector) you might find the solution in the SelectFeature Control Map Drag Issues page.

Integration with jquery ui

When creating openlayers in a jquery ui from dynamic data, make sure first to insert the data in the dom, render the map, and then add the dialog(not the other way around,ak. create dialog, render map):

$('#dialog').html(data.dom.dialog); map.render('map'); $editRegion = $('#dialog').dialog({

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