The OpenLayers Development Team is proud to announce the second release candidate of OpenLayers 2.6. This change fixes a number of issues with the RC1 release: a full list is available at .

We invite you to help us test the 2.6 release candidate! To test 2.6 in your applications, include the following tag in your OpenLayers-powered page:

  <script src=""></script>

As always, the source is available at Bug reports can be filed in Trac, under the 2.6 RC2 version. Any regressions should be filed under the 2.6 milestone.

Additionally, if you are interested in confirming that this release works well in your browser, especially if it is a less commonly used browser, you can run the OpenLayers test suite, and automatically report your results, by:

This will run tests, and deliver the results to our OpenLayers test server for developers to review.

We look forward to your feedback!


The OpenLayers Team

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