The OpenLayers Development Team is proud to announce release of OpenLayers 2.6. As of this final release, the OpenLayers 2.6 release closes 294 outstanding tickets, 75% more than any OpenLayers release to date.

The OpenLayers.js hosted at

<script src=""></script>

has now been changed to use the 2.6 API.

As always, the source is available at

    ce957a47ad9bc8356d990417d61cc8a4  OpenLayers-2.6.tar.gz

This is a large release: the largest of any OpenLayers release to date. This release features a number of major developments, including:

  • Integration of the CloudAmber "Google Like" popups for advanced visual display of information in popups
    • Resulting improvements throughout all popup code, including autosizing popups to the content they contain.
  • Improved panning of commercial layers like Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps
  • Animated panning of the map, using OpenLayers.Tween support
  • Layer Image transitions, for keeping images visible when zooming to allow smoother transitions
  • Client side reprojection support using built in transformations for spherical mercator, or the proj4js library for other projections.
    • Support for reprojecting vector data layers
    • Support for reprojecting user-facing controls like mouseposition
    • Support for programatically reprojecting points and geometries
  • Improved OpenLayers Styling, including:
    • OpenLayers.Style, OpenLayers.StyleMap, OpenLayers.Rule support for improved feature-attribute based styling
    • SLD read/write support
  • Support for reading and writing multiple versions of WMC.
  • Improved KML support, including KML styling support.
  • Improved GeoRSS Format support, including GeoRSS GML read support.
  • New ScaleLine Control for displaying visual scale
  • New NavigationHistory control for map history navigation
  • Localization/Better Internationalization support
  • Layer support for MapGuide Open Source
  • A number of new / improved handlers to make handling user interactions easier
    • Handler.Hover
    • Handler.Click

A thank you again to all the people who helped to make this release happen.


The OpenLayers Team

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