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Flash presentation of these steps: Mapping Your Data

  • Datasets -- Download data
  • Create project in QGIS
    • Open Dataset
    • Style data layer:
      • Choose 'graduated color'
      • Choose a field (POPULATION)
      • Create 5 classes
      • Create range for each class
      • apply style
      • Tweak colors as neccesary to achieve desired look
  • Save project
  • Export Map File from project
    • Choose qgis project location
    • Choose mapfile location
    • Enter a name and default size
  • Browse to MapServer, and add 'mode=map&map=/Location/Of/File/On/' to the URL
  • If you get an image:
    • Download mapserver-lite.html from this wiki page.
    • Change the URL to point to http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv
    • Change the parameters to include your map file location.
    • Open mapserver-lite.html in your browser

Tools needed:

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