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Non-Map Browsing

  • US Election 2008 Web Monitor - Geographic maps, information landscapes, ontology graphs and tag clouds

  • Fractals - Exploration of the Mandelbrot fractal.

  • Genomes - One dimensional genome visualization (and navigation) application from Berkeley.

  • Photos - Brugge Panorama: Andrew Larcombe's example of using OpenLayers to browse a digital image (as WMS layer).

Academic References

  • Smart Map Browsing - Thesis by Emanuel Schütze on Smart Map Browsing, with focus on OpenLayers.

  • AgA Presentation - OpenLayers: Data Integration in an Open Source Map Browser Presentation by Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Behr of Stuttgart.

Back - end

  • Java back - end - Article about maps for enterprise applications, with focus on OpenLayers for the front-end and Java for the back-end implementation. Alex Shpurov, J2EE Architect.

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