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Addins are additional functionality built on top of OpenLayers, but not included in trunk.

How to Contribute an Addin

Anyone can develop an addin: there are only three requirements to be granted access to the addins directory to maintain your addin there:

  • Code is demonstrated in an OpenLayers sandbox
  • Instructions on how to use the Addin with OpenLayers are available in the wiki, at Addins/YourAddinName
  • You have a signed CCLA/ICLA and agree to release your code under the Clear BSD license

Once these are true, send an email to the OpenLayers Developers mailing list explaining what your addin does, and how to see it, and OpenLayers developers will ensure it works and grant an addin directory.


  • Addins are completely separate from trunk development and will not hold up or interfere in any regular OpenLayers release cycle
  • Addins are entirely maintained by their owners. The core OpenLayers development team does *not* have any responsibility for the features, readability, stability, compatability, etc for the Addin.
  • Addins do not *require* unit tests, though they are highly encouraged as a good programming practice.
  • Addins are encouraged but not required to maintain compatibility with the latest release of the core OpenLayers library. The preferred method for the setup of an Addin is the following. Assume Addin named 'foo':
     /addins/foo/release/1.0/README.txt --> Readme file explaining setup of the addin, including a compatibility section 
                                            which lists the corresponding versions of the core !OpenLayers library with 
                                            which this release of 'foo' is compatible.

Current Addin Pages


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