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OpenLayers is an Open Source map viewing library, written in pure JavaScript. The OpenLayers library provides a JavaScript API which makes it easy to incorporate maps from a variety of sources into your webpage or application. OpenLayers currently has support for OGC WMS layers, navigation, icons, markers, and layer selection. Lots of other features are slated to be added soon!

Get Started

Want to make a map? Read our resources for OpenLayers Users! Want to learn about the insides of OpenLayers? Read our resources for OpenLayers Developers!




Want to dive into the AJAX behind OpenLayers? Then this wiki is for you!

  1. Download the source tree using github.
  2. Check out the documentation.
  3. Working with OpenLayers is easy, here is a User Guide.
  4. Try the unit tests on code in github master
  5. Learn HowToContribute to OpenLayers -- either in your own fork, or by becoming a project committer.
  6. Check up one of the current Projects Under Development to see what is happening where with whom.
  7. Offer code samples in the User Recipes for others to benefit.

Or you can find out some more about the project:

  1. Read about our open source licensing.
  2. See our existing issues and join our email lists.
  3. Add RelatedProjects.
  4. See what's in store for OpenLayers in the future
  5. Find out (and perhaps improve upon) our known limitations (in terms of browser support).
  6. Perhaps you'd like to learn about our Infrastructure?

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