Jan 18, 2012:

5:05 AM Ticket #3608 (Layer.Vector.setOpacity won't work inside Vector.rootContainer) created by mrenninger
setOpacity won't work on a vector layer, if the vector layer is with …

Jan 17, 2012:

12:41 PM Ticket #3496 (Build: Skip the required files if they are excluded.) closed by tschaub
fixed: In w/ …
7:21 AM Ticket #3607 (GetCapabilities Extent ignored when Dimension not defined in the layer) created by fredmorin
The GetCapabilities (OpenLayers.Format.WMSCapabilities.v1_1) ignores …

Jan 16, 2012:

11:44 PM Ticket #2492 (miscalculation in OpenLayers.Geometry.LinearRing.containsPoint()) closed by pgiraud
fixed: Fixed in …

Jan 13, 2012:

3:24 AM Ticket #3606 (Order of control activation affects handlers) created by dify
For maps with Navigation and SelectFeature controls that have handlers …

Jan 12, 2012:

5:36 AM Changeset [12451] by fvanderbiest
[camptocamp/ifremer] CSWGetRecords format additions for …

Jan 11, 2012:

8:19 AM Changeset [12450] by fvanderbiest
[camptocamp/ifremer] ISO19139 CSW getRecords parsing revisited
8:14 AM Changeset [12449] by fvanderbiest
[camptocamp/ifremer] fixed js files loading
8:12 AM Ticket #2133 (Add OpenLayers Protocol for CSW) closed by ahocevar
fixed: In with …
12:32 AM Ticket #3605 (MultPolygon can't have holes) created by tmpsa
It appears that you can't create a MultiPolygon with a hole (enclave) …

Jan 10, 2012:

4:36 AM Ticket #3604 (oRequest is not defined posting XML) closed by bartvde
duplicate: This has been fixed already see: …
4:34 AM Ticket #3604 (oRequest is not defined posting XML) created by kikearake
When i use the OpenLayers.Request.POST with xml document, i recieve …
12:44 AM Ticket #2877 (remove deprecated Layer.WMS.Post) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/7b6887c9
12:43 AM Ticket #2859 (remove deprecated OpenLayers.Layer.GML) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/b630840d
12:42 AM Ticket #2860 (remove deprecated OpenLayers.Feature.WFS) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/37de9273
12:41 AM Ticket #3063 (deprecate OpenLayers.Layer.MultiMap) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/71f1f470
12:40 AM Ticket #2858 (remove deprecated OpenLayers.Layer.WFS) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/2900823e
12:39 AM Ticket #2808 (remove deprecated OpenLayers.Geometry.Rectangle) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/958221d5
12:39 AM Ticket #2683 (remove deprecated OpenLayers.Layer.MapServer.Untiled) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/9605c08a
12:38 AM Ticket #2682 (remove deprecated OpenLayers.Layer.WMS.Untiled) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/7b6887c9
12:37 AM Ticket #3380 (deprecate OpenLayers.Layer.Yahoo) closed by fredj
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/8d01fa6f

Jan 9, 2012:

3:16 AM Ticket #3603 (Problem with Geometry.Point.clone and proj4js "transformed" property) created by milosh
I've found a complicated side-effect between proj4js and OpenLayers …

Jan 8, 2012:

11:18 AM Ticket #3519 (build.py -c closure: Show file name and line number of errors and warnings.) closed by jorix
fixed: https://github.com/openlayers/openlayers/commit/08d951c02f10d8415a36576

Jan 7, 2012:

2:38 PM WikiStart edited by jorix
remove spam (diff)

Jan 6, 2012:

1:58 PM Ticket #3602 (androird web browser problem backgroundGraphic) created by alfruiz
hello, I'm reporting because one of your examples are not displayed …
10:17 AM Ticket #2189 (XYZ layer doesn't support minZoomLevel) closed by ahocevar
1:48 AM Ticket #3601 (SelectFeature with LineString does not work) created by stafy
Following problem: My base layer is a OpenLayers.Layer.OSM.Osmarender …

Jan 5, 2012:

11:26 PM WikiStart edited by MatildaHarris
9:38 AM WikiStart edited by jorix
remove spam (diff)

Jan 4, 2012:

1:37 PM WikiStart edited by matildaharris
8:02 AM Ticket #3600 (Features disappearing when using SVG2 in IE9) created by JohnA
Using Internet Explorer 9, zoom in as far as possible around one of …

Jan 3, 2012:

2:03 PM CLA edited by tschaub
ICLA from Paul Golmann (diff)

Jan 2, 2012:

10:18 PM Ticket #2684 (drop Rico support) closed by tschaub
fixed: Addressed with …

Dec 31, 2011:

8:05 AM Ticket #2598 (Irregular transformation support for TransformControl) closed by ahocevar
fixed: Fixed with …

Dec 30, 2011:

10:48 AM NewToOpenLayers edited by jorix
OpenLayers' development branch is now on GitHub (diff)

Dec 21, 2011:

12:49 PM Changeset [12448] by augusttown
build OpenLayers with jsmin and closure.
12:44 PM Changeset [12447] by augusttown
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