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IE 7: dynamic map size leeds to an endless loop

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Component: Map Version: 2.7
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There is a problem in IE 7, when the main map has a dynamic size, and at the same time the application contains an overview map.

In my application, I have a container div for the main map, which has no fix size, but is positioned within the website by css-attributes left, top, right and bottom. The map div fills 100% of this container div. Whenever the browser window is resized, the method updateSize in the main map is called, which leads to a call of updateSize in the overview map. It seems that at this point, somewhere in the getCurrentSize-method, new browser events are fired, and updateSize in the main map is called again - the application runs into an endless loop.

The problem is not there in Firefox 3. Also in IE 7, without the overview map, the application is ok.

I fixed the problem for me by changing the order of the if-clauses in the getCurrentSize-method of the overview map (see attachment).


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