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#1540 Upgrade VirtualEarth Support crschmidt feature blocker Layer.VirtualEarth 2.6
#1606 Add cluster and paging strategy tschaub feature blocker Layer.Vector 2.7 RC1
#1624 cursor "inherit" on a vector feature causes IE to load cursor file "inherit" feature blocker Feature.Vector 2.6
#1659 Typo in Layer.Vector.destroy crschmidt bug blocker Layer.Vector SVN
#1670 maxZIndex becomes NULL when the last feature is removed bug blocker Renderer.Elements 2.6
#1701 IE7 Script Error Layer.WFS tests bug blocker Layer.WFS 2.6
#1710 IE7 Script Error Control/SelectFeature Tests bug blocker Control.SelectFeature 2.6
#1733 OpenLayers.Layer.TMS must @requires OpenLayers/Tile/Image.js bug blocker general 2.7 RC1
#864 KeyboardDefaults broken in IE bug critical Handler.Keyboard 2.4
#895 Better behaviour of Panel.js crschmidt bug critical Control.Panel SVN
#987 Markers stop at zoom level 16 over layers with higher numZoomLevels crschmidt bug critical Layer 2.4
#1116 In IE7 Google layer doesn't work in parent <div> with right align euzuro bug critical Layer.Google 2.5
#1125 Smoother dragging of the map on older computers tcoulter bug critical Control.DragFeature SVN
#1134 zoomToMaxExtent should optionally zoom to map.restrictedExtent, if defined euzuro bug critical Map 2.5
#1157 VML coordsize values should be positive tschaub feature critical Renderer.VML 2.5
#1179 event pane layers with padding drag funny euzuro bug critical Layer.EventPane 2.5
#1181 VE zoom levels are weird crschmidt bug critical Layer.VirtualEarth 2.5
#1182 Fixed zoom levels review crschmidt feature critical Layer.FixedZoomLevels 2.5
#1199 if scales is set on the map, you cannot use minScale and maxScale on the layer pgiraud bug critical Layer SVN
#1272 GPX Format class crschmidt feature critical Format 2.5
#1291 use different server when IMAGE_RELOAD_ATTEMPTS > 1 && layer.url is an array crschmidt feature critical Util 2.5
#1292 keyboardDefaults broken in Safari 3 crschmidt bug critical Control.KeyboardDefaults 2.5
#1293 SelectFeature conflicts with drag-to-zoom rectangle feature critical Handler.Feature SVN
#1326 Vector feature specific move() to location method crschmidt feature critical Feature.Vector 2.5
#1328 GML Format adding GML protocol specific information to features when parsed tschaub task critical Format.GML 2.5
#1341 panTo should use tween if new center is in the current bounds + a ratio pagameba feature critical Map 2.5
#1357 Z-indexing/Y-ordering Patch euzuro feature critical Layer.Vector 2.5
#1390 svg flicker at end of pan tcoulter bug critical Layer.Vector 2.5
#1398 alternate rendering of point features ahocevar feature critical Renderer 2.5
#1400 pan/zoom panels euzuro task critical Control 2.5
#1425 Dutch translation tschaub feature critical Lang 2.5
#1427 The beforefeaturemodified event should be triggered before vertices get rendered tschaub feature critical Control.ModifyFeature 2.5
#1431 Features that fail the SVG renderer's inValidRange check will not be redrawn when recentering the map ahocevar bug critical Renderer.SVG 2.5
#1453 rule.value2regex should unescape double escape tschaub bug critical Rule.Comparison 2.5
#1459 getMousePosition performance crschmidt bug critical Events SVN
#1489 Permalink Changes ahocevar feature critical Control.Permalink 2.7 RC1
#1500 .olPopup class CSS breaks popup autosizing euzuro bug critical Popup 2.6 RC1
#1502 Events register method fails if listeners member is not an array euzuro feature critical Events 2.6 RC1
#1509 Map dragging is not as smooth as it could be crschmidt bug critical general 2.6 RC2
#1512 Canvas Renderer crschmidt feature critical Renderer SVN
#1522 tileloaded event broken crschmidt bug critical Layer.Grid SVN
#1562 modify feature control must use silent:true when removing/destroying vertices elemoine bug critical Control.ModifyFeature SVN
#1566 Adding TypeName to feature when parsing GML tschaub feature critical Format.GML
#1576 Inline KML styles extracted even though extractStyles is false crschmidt bug critical Format.KML 2.6
#1577 new RegularPolygon features can be invisible tschaub bug critical Handler.RegularPolygon SVN
#1586 popup grows larger with each pop crschmidt bug critical Popup SVN
#1589 Popup div error in example: Using a Layer.Text to display markers euzuro bug critical Layer.Text 2.6
#1593 Handler.Box displays an incorrectly sized box crschmidt feature critical Handler.Box 2.6
#1607 add methods for managing css class names tschaub feature critical BaseTypes.Element 2.6
#1614 GeoRSS, States Misplaced feature critical Format.GeoRSS 2.6
#1620 overviewmap does not support "reprojection" ahocevar task critical Control.OverviewMap 2.6
#1628 removeLayer may break feature selection ahocevar feature critical Handler.Feature SVN
#1638 New XmlHttpRequest framework uses different metric for success crschmidt feature critical Request 2.6
#1639 add versioned gml parser tschaub feature critical Format.GML 2.7 RC1
#1640 tests require dmsolutions login madair bug critical tests 2.6
#1651 Add OpenLayers.Console.userError crschmidt feature critical Console 2.6
#1662 changes to elements render broke rendering with different styles elemoine bug critical Renderer.Elements 2.6
#1675 New vector rendering for better performance and less renderer specific limitations feature critical Renderer 2.6
#1679 disable z-indexing of elements in the Elements renderer by default feature critical Renderer.Elements 2.6
#1690 freehand feature drawing is broken in IE tschaub bug critical Handler.Path 2.6
#1709 Vector feature with external image / background image artifact on map setCenter bug critical Renderer.Elements 2.6
#1730 getComponentString causes getShortString to fail if a geometry has only two components bug critical Renderer.SVG 2.7 RC1
#493 Text Layer not shown in IE if meta description tag is present crschmidt bug major Layer.Text 2.5
#1051 Improve reslience of getStyle elemoine bug major Util SVN
#1108 Modify feature example problems with IE. keyboard handler broken in IE tcoulter bug major Handler.Keyboard 2.6 RC2
#1126 Specify the stroke style of the feature tschaub feature major Format.SLD
#1145 Format/GeoJSON does not parse features with null geometries bug major Format.GeoJSON 2.5
#1147 IE problem : to avoid teardown problems with IE, deactivate controls first euzuro feature major Map 2.5
#1241 basic measurement control tschaub feature major Control 2.5
#1250 zoomToScale broken when using fixed scales array. bug major Map 2.5
#1311 Adding a comment on how to write typename in the wfs-t example feature major examples 2.5
#1447 WMC: queryable seems implemented but does not actually work tschaub bug major Format.WMC 2.5
#1452 WMC does not read/write metadataURLs tschaub feature major Format.WMC 2.5
#1469 Automatically resize popups if included content changes size pagameba feature major Popup SVN
#1511 Mapguide Tiled Layers are displayed using wrong co-ordinates madair bug major Layer.MapGuide SVN
#1535 add featureremoved-type events to Layer.Vector elemoine feature major Layer.Vector 2.6
#1543 add support for writing spatial filters in an SLD document crschmidt task major Format.GML 2.6
#1594 FireBug detection feature major general 2.6
#1605 Create a filter format and extend the SLD format to use it tschaub feature major Format.SLD 2.6
#1623 geometry bounds should be cleared while using path handler tschaub bug major Handler.Path 2.6
#1631 SVG viewbox problem with minScale elemoine bug major Renderer.SVG 2.6
#1642 getChildValue on XML Format depends on exceptions bug major Format.XML 2.6
#1645 refactor backBuffer code from Tile to Tile.Image euzuro task major Tile.Image 2.6
#1649 Layer.Vector.removeMap must deactivate the strategies elemoine feature major Layer.Vector SVN
#1652 add Protocol.HTTP elemoine feature major Protocol SVN
#1655 Feature handler uses getFeatureFromEvent on mousemove even without hover callbacks bug major Handler.Feature 2.6
#1664 Add Strategy.Fixed feature major Strategy
#1676 Mapguide dynamic overlays fail feature major Layer.MapGuide SVN
#1677 bring changes to protocol base class feature major Protocol SVN
#1695 add "refresh" event to Layer.Vector elemoine feature major Layer.Vector SVN
#1696 loadstart fired twice in Layer.Text elemoine bug major Layer.Text 2.6
#1699 add Protocol.SQL.Gears crschmidt feature major Protocol 2.7 RC1
#688 Mouse cursor = "wait" on WFS loading feature minor general SVN
#752 Disclosure box for a nonstandard size OverviewMap is in the wrong place tschaub bug minor Control.OverviewMap 2.4
#830 Switching between google layers after map resize jrmerz@… bug minor Layer.Google 2.4
#897 color correction on navtoolbar bug minor Control.NavToolbar 2.4
#1081 OpenLayers.Handler.Path / Polygon 'point' property callback suggestion to report full geometry tschaub feature minor Handler 2.5
#1102 margin on html element messes with mouse position bug minor general 2.5
#1104 explicitly support versions for various formats feature minor general 2.5
#1113 wfs filter: generated URL should not have a bbox if a filter is enabled tschaub feature minor Layer.WFS 2.5
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