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  1. Had an IRC meeting on 8th July,we discussed about various issues with all the developers. And finally we came into a final decision to use AGG for parsing and rendering SVG support. Cairo will be used in MapServer later.The various reasons which led to take us through the AGG route have been clearly explained in the RFC.
  1. The plan of action now is to start implementing the SVG parser using AGG/SVG Viewer and make it render into an in-memory pixmap.
  1. Created the first draft of the RFC ,the link is posted on the MapServer wiki.

  1. SVN Sandbox has been created . All my work will be experimented in this area.
  1. Imported the AGG/SVG code to the MapServer Sandbox, And changed namespace from AGG to MapServer.
  2. I have also been playing around with the MapServer code on my local server. I have changed the namespace for the AGG library's SVG Viewer example to 'MapServer' and successfully executed it.

Plan for Next Week:

  1. Play with AGG/SVG code and understand it well, its exact purpose how well it can support to MapServer sources.
  1. Start working on AGG and its specifications.First i should document all specifications of AGG to make users to understand well.
  1. Work on the RFC to make it more clear in basic usage tutorial with examples. So that everybody can know how exactly its working inside the mapfile.
  1. Try to work on a single function to render a parsed SVG.
  1. Need to understand all the AGG rendering specifics

Regards Kiran