Maestro 3.0 Status

MapGuide Maestro 3.0 is currently under development in the maestro-3.0 sandbox.

This is a significant rewrite from the 2.x and previous versions so there are still many things that are either not implemented or not carried over from 2.x. The sandbox will eventually be moved into trunk once sufficiently implemented and stabilized and the existing 2.x stream will be moved into a separate 2.x branch

Editor Status

The major core of Maestro is the resource editing functionality. Thus determining how far we are at with the implementation of each editor gives a fair indication of how far Maestro 3.0 is away from completion.

EditorImplementation Status
Generic XML Editor100%
Feature Source Editor95%
Drawing Source Editor100%
Layer Definition Editor v1.0.090%
*Layer Definition Editor v1.1.090%
*Layer Definition Editor v1.2.090%
*Layer Definition Editor v1.3.090%
Map Definition Editor100%
Web Layout Editor v1.0.095%
*Web Layout Editor v1.1.095%
Load Procedure Editor v1.0.0100%
*Load Procedure Editor v1.1.0100%
*Load Procedure Editor v2.2.0100%
Print Layout Editor100%
Symbol Definition Editor v1.0.00%
*Symbol Definition Editor v1.1.00%
Fusion ApplicationDefinition? Editor90%

* These editors are all working off of the same interfaces. Newer versions implement newer interfaces which the editors will test for to enable certain functionality

Status of other features (existing and planned)

UI/Extensibility foundationComplete
Base API connection/service interfacesComplete
Base API (http implementation)Complete
Base API (native MapGuide API wrapper implementation)Complete
Runtime Map APIComplete
Server MonitoringComplete
Capability APIComplete
Local Feature Source PreviewPartially Complete
Editor InfrastructureComplete
Specialized Editor support for editing as XMLComplete
Explicit Resource UpgradingNot implemented
Resource PackagingComplete
Resource Object ModelPartially Complete
Custom CommandsPartially Complete
Resource ValidationComplete
New Resource TemplatesComplete
Expression EditorComplete
Resource/Folder? pickerComplete
Unmanaged Data pickerComplete
Cross-Connection APIsPartially implemented
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