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MapGuide Maestro downloads

From this page you may download MapGuide Maestro.

Windows (Current release)

The current stable release of MapGuide Maestro is 2.0

On windows you can download MapGuide Maestro as an MSI installable package, or as a zipped file of executeables. You must have the .Net framework 2.0 installed. The installer will automatically ask you to install it, if you don't have it.

Linux / Mac OS (Current release)

For linux or Mac OS, you must first install Mono and the winforms packages. Once Mono is installed, please download the binaries:

The installation is simply unzipping the file:

unzip "MapGuide Maestro"

Then run the application:

cd Maestro
mono Maestro.exe

If you are missing either Mono or the winforms package, the following command installs it for Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-winforms2.0-cil

For other distros, please consult you system documentation.

Please note that Mono support for WinForms is not 100% stable. Even though WinForms is feature complete, some features do not work flawlessly. This means that there are occasional drawing problems. Flipping a tab page back and forth usually solves the problem. Some buttons are missing, because Mono renders them outside the visible area. There are also some issues with certain icons.

For best results, use the most current release of Mono (currently 2.6.3) where possible. The minimum usable release is Mono 2.0 (this was the release where WinForms? was 100% API complete)

2.1 Preview releases

This release may not be functional. It might not be translated completely. It is here to showcase new features or to get feedback on particular issues. Most users do not want to download these files. If you use the installer, you must uninstall a previous version first. If you use the binaries, DO NOT overwrite your current installation, as the next release will not replace your files, and thus not work. Uninstall will even leave the files there.

2.1 Preview Release 2

2.1 Preview Release 1

The number indicates what revision of the source code the items were built with.

The 2.1 Preview Release 2 contains an updated french translation provided by Pierre Cardinal, and a small list of fixes added since the 1st 2.1 Preview Release outlined here here

The 2.1 Preview Release 1 contains the following new enhancements introduced since 2.0:

  • #1312: DSN browsing support for ODBC Editor
  • #1311: Open Layer Editor when double clicking a Layer in the Map Editor
  • #1321: Add layers to Map Editor by dragging and dropping layer definitions from the Site Explorer
  • #1314: Local Feature Source Preview (disabled at the moment due to #708)
  • #579: Basic Load Procedure Support (Only SDF and SHP load procedures are supported. Other types will open in the XML editor and cannot be executed)

Special thanks to Crispin from 1Spatial for providing the following enhancements

  • #1328: Enhance Right-Click Resource Tree Menu
  • #1327: Add Find and Replace Functionality to XML Editor
  • #1326: Apply Overrides to Multiple Coordinate Systems

For a detailed list of changes between 2.0 and the 2.1 Preview Release 1, check the Revision Log

Previous releases

Previous releases can be found here: Maestro files.