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    3939== Preview releases ==
     41'''*** NOTE: The new preview uses a new installer. You are advised to uninstall the previous version before trying this one out!!! ***'''
    4043This release may not be functional. It might not be translated completely. It is here to showcase new features or to get feedback on particular issues. Most users do not want to download these files. If you use the installer, you must uninstall a previous version first. If you use the binaries, DO NOT overwrite your current installation, as the next release will not replace your files, and thus not work. Uninstall will even leave the files there.
    41  *  [ Installer r3706]
    42  *  [ Binaries r3706]
     44 *  [ Installer r3911]
     45 *  [ Binaries r3911]
    4346The number indicates what revision of the source code the items were built with. The [ Revision log] explains what changes are contained in the code.
    45 r3706 has the following fixes and additions to 1.0.9:
     48r3911 has the following fixes and additions to 1.0.9:
     49 * Support for large repositories.
     50 * Refresh tree when renaming.
     51 * Fixed a bug in the validator when saving maps with empty legend labels.
     52 * Fixed a bug with dots in the folder/resource names.
     53 * Improved upload of managed files.
     54 * Simplified projection override.
     55 * Added reference listing in the properties window.
     56 * Fixed numerous issues with MgCooker, and added options to the GUI.
    4657 * Enabled editing of permissions on the root node.
    4758 * Fixed a bug with creating a package from the entire site.