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    3939== Preview releases ==
    4040This release may not be functional. It might not be translated completely. It is here to showcase new features or to get feedback on particular issues. Most users do not want to download these files. If you use the installer, you must uninstall a previous version first. If you use the binaries, DO NOT overwrite your current installation, as the next release will not replace your files, and thus not work. Uninstall will even leave the files there.
    41  *  [ Installer r3368]
    42  *  [ Binaries r3368]
     41 *  [ Installer r3481]
     42 *  [ Binaries r3481]
    4343The number indicates what revision of the source code the items were built with. The [ Revision log] explains what changes are contained in the code.
    45 r3368 has the following fixes and additions to 1.0.9:
     45r3481 has the following fixes and additions to 1.0.9:
    4646 * Enabled editing of permissions on the root node.
    4747 * Fixed a bug with creating a package from the entire site.
    5252 * Fixed a bug where uploading/restoring packages would fail, due to translation errors.
    5353 * Added easy access to the ResourceID from properties, and the main tree's context menu.
     54 * Fixed delete of layer groups in maps
     55 * Fixed a problem with using custom colors in the color picker
     56 * Added support for base layer groups
     57 * Added support for editing and building finitite display scales, linear and logarithmic
     58 * Main window now remembers previous location on startup
    5560== Previous releases ==