Tracking of things that need to be done to get Fusion integrated into MGOS

  1. RFCs

We probably need to create the following RFCs:

1.1 Modify MapAgent? to provide a FORMAT option that can be either XML or JSON for some or all operations

1.2 Add Fusion to MapGuide

1.3 Modify WebStudio? Jx version to be in sync with Fusion

  1. Tasks

2.1 Templates

  • create an authentication example
  • create js for default index.html that parses the applicationdefinition from the query string (and user/password/session)
  • design and create templates

2.2 web tier changes:

  • json output from the map agent

2.3 add ApplicationDefinition? resource type and schema

  • fix terminology (Command -> Widget)
  • create reference XML document
  • define XML structure for describing widgets
  • create XML snippet (XAML-like) for each widget
  • create schema

2.4 Fusion related stuff

  • modify licenses in Fusion code and add LICENSE.TXT
  • create bootstrap mechanism for MapGuide that creates a session with the mapagent if one is not passed in, before requesting the app definition
  • create missing widgets
  • rename some widgets
  • verify behaviour of all components
  • create Fusion Application Developer Guide, Command Reference, Jx documentation
  • localisation
  • locale/en/constants.js
  • contains constants (units of measure) and error/warning messages
  • localisable versions of the existing search, buffer, etc tools that live in the task.
  • Print.html needs to be made localisable, convert to php and pass locale when loading

2.5 build process:

  • install fusion
  • install templates
  • figure out how to compress fusion as part of the build process and lint it
  • figure out how to load ext/ widgets when the rest is compressed

2.6 MapGuide Documentation Update for 1.3

  • mapguide developers guide
  • others? installation?
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