Milestone 3.1.1

Due in 6 days (Feb 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM)


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This is a maintenance release of the 3.1 branch.

  • FDO Changes
    • #941 sin(int) expression no longer returns invalid value
    • #912 GDAL/OGR/WMS providers updated to use GDAL 2.2.3
      • You can swap out the GDAL dll with an equivalent custom GDAL build from gisinternals ( Make sure you are downloading the MSVC 2015 build for this.
      • Updated instructions here
      • Reminder that by using drivers like ECW/MrSID/etc you are bound by their terms of use in their respective licensing agreements.
      • Another reminder that swapping the GDAL dll with a custom one is not supported by us. Use at your own risk/discretion.
    • #937 OGR provider fixes:
      • Better handling/support of VRT data sources
      • Ensure dots in property names are replaced with tildes (~) as dot characters are illegal characters in FDO property names.
      • Better FDO exception error propagation from failed GDAL/OGR API calls within the provider.
      • #912 New GDAL 2.x capabilities are surfaced to their FDO counterparts
        • int64 data types
        • nullable fields
        • default values
    • WFS provider fixes:
      • #915 Features not fully loaded
      • #917 Curve strings properly serialized to their GML counterparts
      • #932 xsd:long values no longer capped at 2147483647 if value is beyond that.
    • WMS provider fixes:
      • #931 Fix SSL connect error if connecting to a WMS server using TLS 1.2
    • PostgreSQL provider fixes:
      • #923 Better handling of check constraint clauses (eg. '10'::integer)
      • #943 Add support for materialized views
    • SHP provider fixes:
      • Fix SHP file cannot be read if it had been opened for writing
    • SQL Server provider fixes:
      • #933 No longer tries to connect to and list every database on the SQL Server, only the ones your login credentials can actually access.
      • #920 Computed columns now properly advertised as read-only properties in the FDO schema
      • (Long standing) patches from Bruno Scott:
        • #875 Date columns not appearing in FDO schemas
        • #766 Use locale-independent date formatting
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