List of new features in GRASS GIS 7.8

NOTE: this page is a draft to start keeping track of the new features that will come with GRASS GIS 7.8.0

GRASS GIS 7.8 is actively developed and maintained with a first 7.8.0 stable release in Aug 2019. In total, it comes with more than XX fixes and improvements with respect to the previous stable releases 7.6.x. This page summarizes the manifold new features which have been added to GRASS 7.8.

What's new in a nutshell

After more than 1 year of development the new stable release GRASS GIS 7.8 is available. Efforts have concentrated on making the user experience even better, providing many new useful additional functionalities to modules and further improving the graphical user interface. Several modules were migrated from addons to the core GRASS GIS suite.

Breaking news: Python 3 compatibility**


Graphical User Interface

GRASS GIS 7.8 graphical user interface comes with a new...

Modules (commands)

A series of new modules has been added and many improved:

  • ...

General modules

  • G7:g.region: new grow option to increase or decrease the region extent in all directions.

Raster modules

New modules:

  • ...

Several other raster modules have been improved with new options, flags or parallelization support:

  • ...

Vector modules

The already impressive list of vector functions in GRASS GIS now includes two new modules that

Several other vector modules have been significantly improved with new options, flags, fixes and other enhancements:

  • ...

Imagery modules

  • ...

Temporal GIS modules

  • ...



Python 3 support

The deprecated shebang #!/usr/bin/env python has been changed to #!/usr/bin/env python3

User Manuals - Documentation


Translations are managed in Transifex (please join and translate messages):

User manual pages improvements

More than XXX User Manual pages have received major or minor improvements.

GRASS 7 Library changes

In the past year of development, there were several changes in different GRASS GIS libraries.

  • ...

Source Code Portability

  • ...
  • ...

GRASS GIS 7.8 Addons

There are twenty six 26 new addons that now enlarge the already impressive list of extensions available (see

Among these new extensions there is a set of new addons to download, import and preprocess Sentinel-2 imagery: ...

Migrating from GRASS GIS 6 to version 7.x

If you are still using GRASS GIS 6, here details upgrade instructions for own scripts:

  • see here for changes in parameter names and changed flags
  • see here for removed modules and renamed modules
  • see here for renamed options
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