NOTE that this page is old and Boost.Geometry is now part of Boost. Documentation is now there.

(also known as GGL, Generic Geometry Library)

Ohloh project report for Generic Geometry Library

Boost.Geometry provides a generic implementation of geometry algorithms, working with geometry types provided by the library itself as well as user-defined types. The library is implemented in C++ programming language with extensive use of elements of template metaprogramming like class (type) templates, static polymorphism and compile-time execution. Consequently, Boost.Geometry is built upon foundation of C++ Standard Library and Boost C++ Libraries.

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Boost.Geometry defines concepts for geometries and implements some algorithms on such geometries.

Boost.Geometry contains a dimension-agnostic, coordinate-system-agnostic and scalable kernel, based on concepts, metafunctions and tag dispatching.

On top of that kernel, algorithms are built: area, length, perimeter, centroid, convex hull, intersection (clipping), within (point in polygon), distance, envelope (bounding box), simplify, transform, convert, and more. The library is also designed to support high precision arithmetic numbers, such as GMP.


Documentation and API reference (generated with Doxygen and Boost QuickBook) is available here

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Supported compilers

Check SupportedCompilers article for detailed matrix of tested environments.


See the subversion which has anonymous access


Subversion repository with source code of Boost Geometry is hosted in the Boost Trunk available at

svn co boost-geometry

(development version) and

svn co boost-geometry-libs

(examples, docs and tests) and

svn co boost-geometry

(stable version)


geometry at mailing list is the main place where Boost Geometry (aka GGL) discussion happens and archives are public. You'll need to [subscribe to be able to post to the list.

The mailing list is also accessible from Nabble as Boost Geometry.


Boost.Geometry is distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.


  • Copyright © 1995-2010 Barend Gehrels, Geodan Holding B.V. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Copyright © 2008-2010 Bruno Lalande, Paris, France.
  • Copyright © 2010 Mateusz Loskot, London, UK

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