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--with-zlib=yes reported as unrecognized option

Reported by: mloskot Owned by: warmerdam
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In spite of what help message says, that --with-zlib and --with-libz are aliases for --with-zip, both the former two options do not seem to work exactly as the aliased --with-zip. The zlib and libz versions do not seem to accept yes value, but the help message for zip variant says it is correct value:

mloskot@dog:~/dev/geotiff/_svn/trunk$ ./configure --help | grep zip
  --with-zip=ARG          zlib library to use (yes or path)
  --with-zlib=ARG         alias for --with-zip
  --with-libz=ARG         alias for --with-zip
mloskot@dog:~/dev/geotiff/_svn/trunk$ ./configure --with-zlib=yes
configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-zlib
mloskot@dog:~/dev/geotiff/_svn/trunk$ ./configure --with-libz=yes
configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-libz

I assume that if zlib and libz are aliases they accept exactly the same values.

I use recent SVN trunk on Linux 64-bit:

mloskot@dog:~/dev/geotiff/_svn/trunk$ svn info | grep Revision
Revision: 1735

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Resolution: fixed
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I believe I have corrected the fairly badly broken aliasing in trunk (r1837).

This will presumably make it into 1.3.0 final.

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many thanks for the fix, it was of great help to me

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