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Explained geos_svn_revision.h requirement

Status Notice

The CMake build configuration is a community-maintained non-officially supported build setup for GEOS. All GEOS users who aim to rely on CMake, please respect Sandro's request stated in comment on ticket #576 :

*** The official build system is the GNU Automake one. Please only file tickets against CMake if willing to provide a patch. ***

Building on Unix with CMake

This article describes how to use CMake build system to build and install GEOS from sources on Unix-like systems (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, *BSD, etc.) using GCC or any other supported compiler.

GEOS has got equipped with build configuration for CMake shortly after GEOS 3.2.0 release (ticket #317), thus it is considered as work in progress, experimental. Hopefully, it will get into next release of GEOS 3.3.0 version.

Having CMake installed on Unix-like system, there are two ways of running CMake to configure and build a software with CMake:

  • cmake - CLI program accepting options or running in interactive mode
  • ccmake - program with curses-based GUI


  • CMake 2.6 or later
  • Decent C++ compiler and C++ Standard Library, GNU GCC 4.x or later recommended
  • GEOS source code. Currently, only source code in SVN trunk is configured for CMake


Building from SVN development branch requires to generate the geos_svn_revision.h file with POSIX shell script:


Alternatively, you can create geos_svn_revision.h file manually in the top directory of the source tree:

  • In the root directory of your copy of SVN trunk:
    svn info
  • Locate line starting with Revision:
    Revision: 3704
  • Use the revision number (in the output above it is 3704) to create geos_svn_revision.h:
    echo #define GEOS_SVN_REVISION 3704 > geos_svn_revision.h

Important, it is highly recommended to configure build out of source code tree. For this purpose, prepare build directory (from now on referred to as BUILDDIR):

$ svn checkout trunk
$ mkdir build
$ ls
build trunk
$ cd build
$ cmake ../trunk
$ make help

There is collection of CMake variables available to set by user to control various aspects of compilation and installation. For instance CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable which by default is set to /usr/local directory.

List of CMake options specific to GEOS:

  • GEOS_ENABLE_TESTS - Set to OFF|ON (default) to control build of GEOS tests package
  • GEOS_ENABLE_INLINE - Set to OFF|ON (default) to control GEOS compilation with small functions inlining
  • GEOS_ENABLE_ASSERT - Set to ON|OFF (default) to build GEOS with assert() macro enabled (not available for Visual C++ compiler)
  • GEOS_ENABLE_MACOSX_FRAMEWORK - Set to ON|OFF (default) to build a Mac OS X framework
  • GEOS_ENABLE_MACOSX_FRAMEWORK_UNIXCOMPAT - Set to ON|OFF (default) to add compatibility with *nix library linking to the Mac OS X framework



Note: when building a Mac OS X framework, you must specify the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. The default is /usr/local, and frameworks don't go there.



In order to build GEOS C++ and C libraries, issue the command in BUILDDIR:

$ make


In CMake build system, testing capabilities are provided by CTest which is distributed together with CMake package.

After the build is ready, tests can be executed from inside BUILDDIR. Natively, CMake uses target named test:

$ make test

For convenience, Autotools-like alias is also available:

$ make check

It is also possible to run ctest program directly, but not through any of the make targets. This option gives access to number of ctest command line options (cmake --help), for example:

$ ctest
$ ctest --verbose


In order to install both C and C++ API libraries as well as headers, stay on in BUILDDIR and execute:

$ make install


Still in BUILDDIR, run:

$ make uninstall

Open Tickets

Static library does not contain C API
cmake does not build doxygen command
cmake files get compiled twice
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