GeoPrisma 1.2 Release Plan

This purpose of this page was to list the widgets and features that were going to be packaged as GeoPrisma version 1.2 official release, which came out on January 27th, 2012.

Main objectives

  • Internet Explorer 9 support (#369)
  • Deprecate FeatureServer (Python service). Use WFS as a replacement. Full WFS support in all FeatureServer widgets, read-only, i.e. not WFS-T. Widgets to add support :
  • Deprecate TileCache (Python service). Use a new TMS Service instead. (#371)
  • Re-factorize the MeasureTool widget (#292)
  • New Filter widget getting its filters from external libraries (#388)
  • Migrate on a Linux server (#356)
  • Add the possibility to include an exclusive list of unbound widgets to a workspace (#393)
  • Enhance the initial map centering possibilities (#387 #398 #399)

Other tasks

  • (done) Mark tickets for 1.2.0, move the others to 1.4.0.


Here's the tickets that BIS want solved for the 1.2.0 milestone : bis-1.2.0.

Widgets list

To do...

Migration Guide

  • The API widget must be included in your template.xslt file(s).
  • GoogleMaps v2 no longer supported. Change all source of your gymo service with google provider to use v3 instead.
  • If you're using the ApplyFilter widget, make sure its container has the "animCollapse" property set to false.
  • XMLWorkspaceConfig, new "widgets" tag : to know the possible widget types that can be used use in that new config, see the ticket #393.
  • The InitialView widget was changed in 1.2.0. See the details in the ticket #399.
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