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Welcome to The GeoNetwork opensource Developer website!

If you are a user of the GeoNetwork opensource software, you probably want to go to The GeoNetwork opensource Community website

If you want to report bugs, problems, you are a software developer or simply interested in the development of the GeoNetwork software, this is the place to be :)


You can download the software on


For an effective development of the GeoNetwork opensource software, we suggest you start with familiarizing yourself with the software by going through the point listed here.

Provide feedback and contribute to this site wherever you feel information is lacking, out of sync or incorrect. This is essential to successful development and use of the application. Don't hesitate to ask if things are not clear, an honest question is never stupid! However, read first to avoid asking the same questions many others did before you.

Developer WIKI


Mailing lists and IRC

Bug reporting

The GeoNetwork project uses Trac to record and process bugs, features et cetera.


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