Proposal Number: ? Proposal Title: Add Shibboleth as an Authentication Option

Date 2008/08/19
Contact(s) James Dempsey
Last edited Timestamp?
Status draft
Assigned to release 2.4.0
Resources CSIRO staff available to implement the proposal. Will do an example implementation in the BlueNet MEST sandbox if there are no objections. Simon Pigot to commit to trunk with other 2.4.0 changes.


The aim of the proposal is to create a Shibboleth service provider for GeoNetwork (initially BlueNet MEST). This will allow Australian Access Federation and potentially other shibboleth based users to authenticate with the register and interact with it as if they had authenticated via LDAP or natively.

Proposal Type

  • Type: Module Change
  • App: GeoNetwork
  • Module: Login

Voting history

  • Vote proposed : 20090326
  • Vote passed: 20090328
    • Jeroen Ticheler +1
    • Andrea Carboni 0
    • Patrizia Monteduro +1
    • Emanuele Tajariol +1
    • Francois Prunayre +1
    • Simon Pigot +1
    • Archie Warnock +0


CSIRO wishes to have a GeoNetwork repository that can be used by selected collaborators external to the organisation. Rather than add these collaborators to our LDAP or to make the data public we would like to use the Australian Access Federation initiative to allow staff from collaborating institutions to log into the GeoNetwork instance. This will provide large savings on administration time.


An in depth proposal can be found in the attached document.

Backwards Compatibility Issues

Care will be taken to ensure that the current LDAP and native authentication systems are not disrupted by the change.




  • James Dempsey
  • Martin Pienaar
  • Simon Pigot
  • Ryan Fraser
  • John Morrisey
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