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Date 2008/10/20
Contact(s) mcoudert
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The purpose of this proposal is to improve existing massive actions on metadata search results (ie delete, filter search ...).

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Voting History

  • Heikki Doeleman: +1
  • Richard Fozzard: +1
  • Simon Pigot: +1
  • Jeroen Ticheler: +1
  • Archie Warnock: +1
  • Francois-Xavier Prunayre: +1


In 2.2 release, only delete action is possible on all metadata records in current search page results. There's no easy way to delete all metadata matching a specific search. This improvement allows users to navigate through search results keeping selected metadata in session. Once selected, user can't apply action to selection set.

Actions available on selection:

  • massive delete
  • display only selected


  • 1. A user select a metadata, by checking its checkbox just before title in result list.
  • 2. Selected metadata is added to selection manager :
    • 1. Selection manager is null
      • 1. new selection manager created for the type metadata
      • 2. selection manager set in session
      • 3. UUID of the selected metadata added in the new selection manager
    • 2. Selection manager is already existing in session
      • 1 . UUID of the selected metadata added in the existing selection manager

Parameters available for selection : all, none, true, false, single These parameters alloxs differents action on selection manager :

  • add-all : select all metadata in result list (current searcher)
  • remove-all : remove all items from selection manager / reset
  • add : add the specified item in selection
  • remove : remove the specified item from selection
  • clear-add : clear the selection and add selected element

Backwards Compatibility Issues


How to deal with harvested / remote metadata :

  • should we allow delete actions on it ?


  • francois
  • BRGM (Etienne, Pierre) / GeoSource project
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