Dec 7, 2010:

11:40 PM Ticket #401 (Do not allow use of ".." in file upload/download service) closed by fxp
11:39 PM Ticket #401 (Do not allow use of ".." in file upload/download service) created by fxp
Fname parameter could contains ".." which is not safe in some …
5:18 AM Ticket #400 (Security hole in GeoNetwork -- search for owner) created by heikki
You can search and discover metadata that are (supposedly) not visible …
5:14 AM GeoNetworkPluginSchemasNew.pdf attached to pluginprofiles by simonp
Brief description of how to add a plugin schema to GeoNetwork
4:52 AM pluginprofiles edited by simonp
4:51 AM pluginprofiles edited by simonp
3:00 AM GeoSource/Version23 edited by fxp

Dec 3, 2010:

3:43 AM Ticket #399 (Map in editor does not work correctly) created by heikki
In 2.6.1 map editor use same layers as main map viewer, but the …
3:18 AM Ticket #398 (INSPIRE keywords not multilingual) created by heikki
Keywords from the INSPIRE themes thesaurus are indexed in English …
3:12 AM Ticket #397 (Thesaurus name after adding keyword) created by heikki
When adding a keyword from the INSPIRE thesaurus, I see …

Dec 2, 2010:

5:27 AM HowToRunMultipleGeonetworkInstancesUnderJetty created by justinrowles

Dec 1, 2010:

2:07 AM Ticket #396 (correct type mismatch in data-db-xxx.sql scripts for table Settings) created by mcr
All but one script use integer values for filling the settings table. …

Nov 30, 2010:

8:12 AM Ticket #395 (Use proxy configuration for built in proxy in GeoNetwork (and thus WMS ...) created by josegar74
Modify HttpProxyServlet? to use Geonetwork proxy configuration
6:57 AM Ticket #394 (Add DB2 for Unix/Windows support) created by mcr
I added a patch for DB2 support on trunk. If the patch is ok I will …

Nov 26, 2010:

8:00 AM CC_change created by ticheler
7:41 AM Motions edited by ticheler
6:14 AM Ticket #393 (OAI-PMH configuration parameters not saved) created by mcoudert
OAI provider configuration parameters are not saved (due to missing …

Nov 25, 2010:

4:14 AM proposals edited by heikki
4:13 AM proposals edited by heikki
4:13 AM MetadataNotifications edited by heikki
4:12 AM Ticket #391 (Metadata Notifications to Remote Targets) closed by heikki
fixed: merged into trunk
3:13 AM Ticket #392 (INSPIRE rules are not available in installer pack) created by fxp
INSPIRE rules could be installed using "ant inspire" in schematrons …

Nov 24, 2010:

6:32 AM Ticket #391 (Metadata Notifications to Remote Targets) created by heikki
proposal http://trac.osgeo.org/geonetwork/wiki/MetadataNotifications
6:30 AM MetadataNotifications edited by heikki
2:40 AM Ticket #390 (Unnecessary 'match' can cause extra 'Type' fields.) created by justinrowles
In metadata-edit.xsl, the templateChoice and editButtons templates are …

Nov 23, 2010:

7:54 AM Ticket #389 (Add migration script from 2.6 series to 2.7) created by fxp
Add SQL to migrate from 2.6 to 2.7. For the time being, it's only …
7:41 AM Ticket #352 (Configuration / Lucene and Data directory set by env variables) closed by fxp
fixed: r6853+6854+6855
7:40 AM Ticket #363 (gmd:language / add support for gmd:LanguageCode) closed by fxp
fixed: r6853
7:40 AM Ticket #382 (Support numeric fields) closed by fxp
fixed: r6854 See #388 for date range queries.
7:39 AM Ticket #388 (Use numeric indexing for date range queries) created by fxp
It looks like numeric indexing for date type is better. Discussed on …
6:11 AM Ticket #387 (GN vulnerable to other application's TransformerFactory) created by heikki
GeoNetwork uses a file on its classpath that holds the name of the …
5:26 AM Ticket #283 (Checkboxes for metadata) closed by fxp
fixed: r6849
4:14 AM Ticket #386 (Add support for INSPIRE language parameter in CSW GetCapabilities) created by josegar74
Support language parameter according Inspire Technical Guidance …
1:48 AM Ticket #385 (OGC WMS harvester / harvest min/maxScale, metadataURL, CRS) closed by fxp
fixed: r6845
1:32 AM Ticket #385 (OGC WMS harvester / harvest min/maxScale, metadataURL, CRS) created by fxp
* Improve min/maxScaleDenominator mapping. * Create online source for …

Nov 22, 2010:

4:16 AM Ticket #384 (Add integration tests using maven failsafe plugin) created by fxp
Add tests on a running GeoNetwork node. Tests could be called on any …
1:35 AM Ticket #376 (Configurable stopwords) closed by heikki
fixed: Merged to 2.6.x

Nov 17, 2010:

3:02 PM Ticket #383 (Massive thumbnail insert/update/delete) created by awalsh
Recently we imported hundreds of records into our Geonetwork-MEST …
4:49 AM Ticket #382 (Support numeric fields) created by fxp
Currently all Lucene field are index as text. This can cause problem …
4:15 AM Ticket #381 (Categories and groups) created by osjonathan
I've just installed 2.6.1., and had it create a new (Oracle) …
3:37 AM Ticket #380 (Metadata export/import) created by osjonathan
I exported a metadata template from a 2.6.0 install using the export …

Nov 16, 2010:

12:00 AM Milestone v2.6.1 completed

Nov 12, 2010:

2:28 AM Ticket #368 (Make GeoNetwork auto-changing your metadata optional) reopened by fxp
1) This option is not used as DataManager use …
2:04 AM Ticket #379 (Deleting an element can remove the following element.) created by justinrowles
If an element is removed which is the last of its kind, but not the …

Nov 11, 2010:

7:03 PM Ticket #378 (Option to enter UTC time with calendar/clock applet) created by awalsh
With GN2.6.0-1 Editor times may only be entered as local times e.g …

Nov 10, 2010:

12:37 AM Ticket #343 (CSW / iso19110 / exception when requesting ISO19139 output) closed by fxp
fixed: See #377 for CSW improvements.
12:37 AM Ticket #377 (CSW / Add all registered schemas in outputSchema parameter) created by fxp
Currently only dc and iso record are supported for CSW outputs. …

Nov 9, 2010:

4:27 AM proposals edited by heikki
4:26 AM MetadataNotifications edited by heikki
3:11 AM Ticket #152 (Search for "*" should be handled as search for "") closed by heikki
fixed: Fixed already in http://trac.osgeo.org/geonetwork/ticket/374

Nov 8, 2010:

3:45 PM Ticket #376 (Configurable stopwords) created by heikki
Since GN2.6 no more stopwords are applied to Lucene indexing. This is …
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