See also: Starting with GDAL/OGR 1.9.0, the MDB driver is an alternate way of reading ESRI Personal GeoDatabase? .mdb files without requiring unixODBC and MDB Tools.

On Linux, the mdbtools package is required to use the OGR PGeo (ESRI Personal GeoDatabase?) driver. See the documentation of the driver how to setup mdbtools and unixODBC.

However the mdbtools package is currently unmaintened upstream and suffer from a few bugs that prevent the latest released version to be used successfully for the OGR PGeo driver. See also PGeo.

You can apply the below mdbtools- patch on top of the Debian mdbtools_0. to improve the situation a bit. Note that this patch is only of band-aid quality and that the implementation of SQLGetData() would require a non trivial amount of work to make it work reliably. Currently, this will truncate retrieve data to 512 characters, a limit which can be easily hit by geometies of type linestring or polygons.

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