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Implementation of read-only GDAL driver for WKT Raster extension to PostGIS

This is one of the selected projects for Google Summer of Code 2009. Links to the weekly reports will be posted here during the project development, as well as useful information and conclusions.

Weekly reports

First weekly report (23/05 - 29/05)
Second weekly report (29/05 - 05/06)
Third weekly report (05/06 - 12/06)
Fourth weekly report (12/06 - 19/06)

Useful information

PostgreSQL string connection syntax: PG:"dbname='db_name' host='host' port='port' user='user' passwd='passwd' table='table_name' where='sql_where'"


Participants info

  • Student: Jorge Arévalo (jorgearevalo at
  • Mentors: Tamas Szekeres, Frank Warmerdarm