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Governance and Community Participation

OSGeo Project Membership

Traditionally GDAL has been lead by Frank Warmerdam, the original author of much of GDAL/OGR, though with contributions and input from a variety of people. As of February 2006 GDAL/OGR became a founding project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and began a transition to a more community oriented governance model - in keeping with OSGeo expectations.

Membership as an OSGeo project provides assurances that a variety of best practices are being employed by the GDAL/OGR project, and that users and contributors can be assured of responsible project operation and continuity of the project. In particular:

  • A consensus oriented Project Management Committee will be in charge of the project.
  • Project source code and contributions will be vetted to ensure code is properly made available, protecting contributors and users of GDAL/OGR.
  • Systems infrastructure is provided by the foundation, with responsible backup and redundancy to minimize disruptions.

Project Management Committee

As of April 2006 (following the GDAL/OGR 1.3.2 release) the project has been placed in the hands of a Project Steering Committee. This project steering committee operates under the rules of GDAL/OGR RFC 1, and is overall responsible for decisions related to the GDAL/OGR project. The current members are:

  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Andrey Kiselev
  • Daniel Morissette
  • Howard Butler
  • Tamas Szekeres
  • Even Rouault (chair)
  • Jukka Rahkonen
  • Kurt Schwehr

Note that discussion of proposals to the PMC take place on gdal-dev, and input from all subscribers is welcome. A list of past RFCs, and past motions is available for review.


Occational (usually release focused) meetings are held in the #gdal IRC channel on All interested parties are welcome.