Building On Unix with NetBeans? IDE

The instructions below explain how to import GDAL building infrastructure to NetBeans IDE to be able to build GDAL directly from the IDE. Tested with NetBeans? IDE 6.5 on Linux thanks to Ivan Lucena who originally posted them on the mailing list.

  • New Project wizard dialog:
    1. Choose Project
      • Category: C/C++
      • Projects: C/C++ Project From Existing Code
      • Click on "Next >"
    2. Build Tool:
      • Select "Using existing makefile"
      • Browse or type the full path for the main GNUmakefile. Alternatively, select "Using a makefile generate by a 'configure' script" to run the ./configure script.
    3. Build actions:
      • Working Directory: <main GDAL folder path>
      • Build command: make
      • Clean command: make clean
    4. Source files:
      • Click on "Add Folder: <main GDAL folder path>
    5. Code assistance configuration:
      • Select "Automatic configuration"
    6. Project Name and location
      • Note: Those paths doesn't need to be part of GDAL main folder.

That is it.

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