Jul 31, 2006:

8:49 AM Changeset [9937] by fwarmerdam
Try and enable datetime support per email from Markus. Not tested yet.
4:01 AM Ticket #1255 (ogr.Geometry __init__ method not functionnal with some attributes) created by dpinte@…

Jul 27, 2006:

12:53 PM Changeset [9936] by mloskot
Added common file header to KML driver source files.
12:03 PM Changeset [9935] by fwarmerdam
Modified to place code in xml:href instead of element value per email …
10:04 AM Changeset [9934] by mloskot
Updated KML driver: proper handling of multilayers, added options to …
6:40 AM Changeset [9933] by fwarmerdam
Handle method/parameter values encoded directly in the urn. Allow …
4:16 AM Changeset [9932] by fwarmerdam
Added details on --formats.

Jul 26, 2006:

7:53 PM Ticket #1253 (Make ECW search for its georegistration information from MapInfo TAB files) created by morb@…
Similar to how GTiffDataset::OpenOffset? can use a MapInfo? TAB file to …
10:02 AM Ticket #1251 (GML reader: strip namespaces) created by bartvde@…
9:26 AM Changeset [9931] by fwarmerdam
update status.
9:25 AM Changeset [9930] by fwarmerdam
Added geolocation
4:08 AM Changeset [9929] by mloskot
Fixed Bug 1250. Thanks to Bart van den Eijnden for reporting it.
3:16 AM Ticket #1250 (when GML contains namespace, ogr2ogr writes namespace in dbf column names) created by bartvde@…

Jul 24, 2006:

6:55 AM Changeset [9928] by fwarmerdam
Allow creation of files of up to 4200000000 worth of imagery. …

Jul 23, 2006:

11:54 AM Ticket #1249 (JP2KAK Creation Options Needed) created by gregcoats@…

Jul 21, 2006:

8:23 AM Changeset [9927] by fwarmerdam
Fixed schema location again, and verified fetchability.
6:54 AM Changeset [9926] by fwarmerdam
Fixed schema location - hopefully properly this time.

Jul 20, 2006:

4:22 PM Changeset [9925] by mloskot
Fixed Bug 1247 reported by John Johnson. Thanks to John.
9:16 AM Changeset [9924] by mloskot
Added compile check to geos.m4 macro. Changed GEOS detection on …
5:50 AM Changeset [9923] by mloskot
Refactored shape2ogr.cpp file. Added comments related to Bug 1217 (not …
12:51 AM Ticket #1248 (Please add transaction support to ogr2ogr for the postgres driver) created by daniel@…

Jul 19, 2006:

8:39 PM Changeset [9922] by fwarmerdam
Updates to gmljp2 formatting suggested by Glen Thompson.
8:27 PM Changeset [9921] by fwarmerdam
6:36 PM Ticket #1247 (1.3.2 compilation error w/ g++4.1(ogrili2layer.cpp)) created by jdjohnso@…
5:38 AM Changeset [9920] by mloskot
Cleaned geos.m4 macro from unused tests.

Jul 18, 2006:

9:22 PM Ticket #1242 (OGDI needs PROJ headers) created by kyngchaos@…
In doing some more odd build situations, I found that OGDI (both …
4:51 PM Ticket #1241 (gdal_merge.py bogus error prevents creation of an output file) created by gregcoats@…
2:19 PM Ticket #1240 (Windows Java bindings don't build correctly) created by condit@…

Jul 15, 2006:

9:18 AM Ticket #1239 (MODIS HDF LAI product: ERROR 1: latitude or longitude exceeded limits ...) created by neteler
Frank, I was trying to warp a MODIS 15A2 HDF file today (Leaf area …
2:12 AM Changeset [9919] by mloskot
New fixes related to Bug 1195. Recent fixes had minor bugs. NOTE: OGR …

Jul 14, 2006:

1:30 PM Changeset [9918] by mloskot
Fixed new issue related to Bug 1195. Fixed Bug 313.
9:18 AM Changeset [9917] by fwarmerdam
--formats now handled by generic argument processor.
9:18 AM Changeset [9916] by fwarmerdam
Include readonly/readwrite info in --formats list.
7:48 AM Changeset [9915] by fwarmerdam
Make append behavior of gdaltindex more explicit.

Jul 13, 2006:

11:27 AM Changeset [9914] by fwarmerdam
worldfile consistence and other tweaks from Matt Wilkie
10:11 AM Changeset [9913] by dron
Do not allow setting incorrect PhotometricInterpretation?.
9:58 AM Changeset [9912] by dron
Do not crash in case of wrong tile size parameters supplied.
9:05 AM Changeset [9911] by fwarmerdam
Added GetStatistics?() and SetStatistics?().
8:58 AM Changeset [9910] by dron
Properly set the resolution field depending on pixel size in …
8:28 AM Changeset [9909] by fwarmerdam
Increase size of histogram encoding buffer for very large images.
8:27 AM Changeset [9908] by fwarmerdam
Implement ComputeStatistics? method

Jul 12, 2006:

4:53 AM Changeset [9907] by mloskot
Fixed Bug 1195 and Bug 1230.

Jul 11, 2006:

9:24 PM Changeset [9906] by fwarmerdam
More fixes in vPrintf().
7:42 PM Ticket #1234 (Proposal: add Get[XY]Start() methods to GDALRasterBlock) created by danmitchell@…
I'm developing an application that operates on rasters at the block …
5:32 PM Ticket #1233 (Proposal: GDALRasterBlock::Get[XY]Size() should return actual size) created by danmitchell@…
The documentation of GDALRasterBand::GetBlockSize?() states the …
2:54 PM Ticket #1232 (make '-co worldfile=yes" available to all drivers) created by matt.wilkie@…
Is there a particular reason why gdal_translate support "-co …
11:37 AM Changeset [9905] by fwarmerdam
fixed up equidistant conic transformation per files from Delorme

Jul 10, 2006:

11:01 AM Changeset [9904] by fwarmerdam

Jul 9, 2006:

10:51 PM Ticket #1231 (Conversion from GeoJP2 to GeoTIF with JP2KAK Kakadu exceptionally slow) created by gregcoats@…
Conversion from GeoJP2 to GeoTIF with JP2KAK Kakadu based JP2 driver …

Jul 8, 2006:

12:24 PM Changeset [9903] by fwarmerdam
added some extra options for Norman Barker.

Jul 7, 2006:

10:58 AM Ticket #1230 (crash: PostGIS SQL queries in OGR) created by amagnum2@…
8:09 AM Changeset [9902] by fwarmerdam
improve handling of empty linearrings and polygons in aggregates
3:20 AM Ticket #1229 (ogr2ogr doesn't convert 3D and 4D geometries correct) created by horst.duester@…
The conversion of 3D and 4D geometries leads to bad results. You can …

Jul 6, 2006:

10:05 PM Changeset [9901] by fwarmerdam
use GEOSGeom_destroy() in Distance()
8:46 PM Changeset [9900] by fwarmerdam
Improve GEOS options.
5:05 PM Changeset [9899] by mloskot
Removed GEOS C++ API usage from OGR and autotools.
2:49 PM Changeset [9898] by mloskot
Fixed deallocation of GEOS geometries in ogr/ogrgeometry.cpp.
1:30 PM Changeset [9897] by fwarmerdam
use GDALSuggestedWarpOutput2() to avoid approximation implicit in using gt
1:29 PM Changeset [9896] by fwarmerdam
added GDALSuggestedWarpOutput2() to return raw extents
12:06 PM Changeset [9895] by mloskot
Added implementation of OGRGeometry::Distance with GEOS C API. Fixed …
10:52 AM Changeset [9894] by fwarmerdam
enforce --with-dods-root argument

Jul 5, 2006:

11:42 AM Ticket #1227 (GEOS DistanceOp is not available in OGR) created by bryan@…

Jul 4, 2006:

11:24 PM Ticket #1225 (gdal_merge.py creates as output non-standard GeoTIFF images) created by gregcoats@…
When using gdal_merge.py to mosaic together a series of smaller …
2:06 PM Ticket #1224 (Ehdr writing: add ulxmap, ulymap, xdim, ydim keyword/values) created by bfraser@…
7:03 AM Changeset [9893] by fwarmerdam
added new cpl files
7:03 AM Changeset [9892] by fwarmerdam
updated version and locations
7:03 AM Changeset [9891] by fwarmerdam
added some extra header checks
7:02 AM Changeset [9890] by fwarmerdam
Added new cpl files to dist.

Jul 3, 2006:

3:14 PM Ticket #1223 (OGRSFDriver::CreateDataSource creates data source with NULL driver) created by amagnum2@…
I use CreateDataSource? to create several shape files layers in a …
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