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gdal_retile will not operate on multiple files

Reported by: toupsz Owned by: warmerdam
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Component: default Version: 1.9.1
Severity: major Keywords: gdal_retile


gdal_retile only uses the first file in a list of files to produce an image pyramid. According to the description, it should take multiple images for the pyramid. Also tried using the --optfile option, but this has the same result.


E:\TrueMarble_GeoTIFF> -v -r bilinear -levels 3 -ps 2048 2048 -co "TILED=YES" -targetDir pyramid3 TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350.tif TrueMarble.8km.5400x2700.tif
Created level dir: pyramid3\1\
Created level dir: pyramid3\2\
Created level dir: pyramid3\3\
Building internal Index for 3 tile(s) ... finished
Filename: TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350.tif
File Size: 2700x1350x3
Pixel Size: 0.133333 x -0.133333
UL:(-180.000000,90.000000)   LR:(180.000000,-90.000000)
tileWidth       2048
tileHeight      2048
countTilesX:    2
countTilesY:    1
lastTileWidth:  652
lastTileHeight: 1350
pyramid3\TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350_1_1.tif : 0|0-->2048-1350
pyramid3\TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350_1_2.tif : 2048|0-->652-1350
pyramid3\1\TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350_1_1.tif : 0|0-->1350-675
pyramid3\2\TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350_1_1.tif : 0|0-->675-337
pyramid3\3\TrueMarble.16km.2700x1350_1_1.tif : 0|0-->337-168

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I made a simple test and for me it looks like is processing all the files from the list. However, what the script is printing on screen is misleading. Like in your case, it looks like only one tif is processed, but if you look at the File Size, it is really processing a mosaic of images "Index for 3 tile(s)"

Filename: TrueMarble?.16km.2700x1350.tif File Size: 2700x1350x3

Closing as invalid. Create a new improvement ticket about making the runtime messages more informative if you wish.

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